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Multifunction WAPs

EnGenius ECB/ENH/ENS/EAP series is a powerful, enhanced, enterprise level product that supports multi-functions to meet your local installation enviroment.

The Wireless high transmit output power with high data rate both for indoor and ourdoor. Most AP plays different roles of Access Point/ Client Bridge /Repeater / WDS AP / WDS Bridge /WDS AP / Client Router / AP Router. It operates seamlessly in the 2.4 GHz or 5Ghz frequency spectrum supporting the 802.11a/b/g/n. High output power level settings, bandwidth selection, RSSI indicator and antenna diversity which enable the best transmitting and receiving signal for your data traffic communication.


Access Point MODE
The most basic mode of multi-function Access Point. In this mode, the AP will act as a central hub for different  Wireless LAN clients. Some hotsports APs requires 802.1x authenticator function to authenticate a user before  providing internet service
Client Bridge MODE
Also known as Ethernet Client. In this mode, AP will act as a WLAN card to connect with remote AP. Users can connect PC or local LAN to the Ethernet port of the client mode AP. This mode is mostly used as a CPE device for WISP subscriber service
Access Point Router MODE
The LAN port will behave as a WAN port for wired connection to ADSL or Cable modem. The NAT routing will be performed between the WAN and LAN port. Making IP sharing possible.
WDS bridge MODE
In This mode, 2 access points is being connected to provide a wireless bridge between 2 remote LANs. It is mostly used by enterprise to connect 2 remote office’s network together. The bridge mode is connected by using either the WDS (Wireless Distributed System) or ADHOC topology.
WDS Access Point MODE
This function extends wireless range of another wireless AP. For WDS repeater to work, the remote wireless AP must also support WDS function and in some cases only works with the same brand and make. The function may support token ring and star topology with the spanning tree protocol.
WDS Station MODE
This function is similar to the Client Bridge, but it uses WDS method to connect to a WDS Access Point. As this is in WDS mode, it is recommended to use the same make and brand. This operation mode will allow pass through of Wireless Client's MAC address to allow authentication
Universal Repeater MODE
A universal repeater extends the wireless coverage of another wireless AP or router. The advantage of the universal repeater is that the remote device does not need to have WDS function and may not need to be the same brand or make. Therefore, it can work with almost any wireless device.

In WISP mode, the AP will behave as Client. In addition, router function is added between the wireless WAN side  and the Ethernet LAN side. Therefore, the WISP subscriber can share the WISP connection without the need of extra router.



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