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Can I downgrade firmware safely with this product?


I cannot get into the device from my computer.  What is the basic setting check?

- Make sure you are directly connected to the unit.
- Do not have a switch or router in between and do not connect wirelessly.
- Make sure your power injector/adapter is on, power is going to the unit and the 「network」 side is going to your computer.
- Make sure your computer is set to a static IP address of
- Type in using Internet Explorer

How far can I go using POE (Power over Ethernet)?

The device uses non-standard injector voltage. Limit distances to 100 meters or less. Do not connect this unit to any 802.3af PoE switch!

How to change the IP Address?

The default IP address is This IP address is typically in conflict with many routers out in the market. You will need to change the IP address manually to an IP address that is different but still part of the same network. This means if your router IP address is, you should change the device to, for example. We recommend you change the IP address before other settings. You change your IP address in the 「LAN」 section in the GUI.

How to reset the device?

Locate the reset button next to the CAT5 (RJ45) connection. Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds and then let go. You should see your 10/100 LAN connection at your computer go away and then come back. That will confirm a reset has occurred. The unit settings should all be back to default including its IP address of

How to setup the device under Apple MAC OS X environment?

1. Go to "System Preferences"
2. In the "System Preferences" window, under the "Internet & Network" heading, click on "Network"
3. On the left side, select the network interface you wish to configure.  Select a setting from the "Configure" drop-down menu
4. If configuring a static IP address, select "Manually" and then fill in the IP address and Subnet Mask fields, then click "Apply".  If configuring to use a DHCP assigned IP address, select "Using DHCP" and then click "Apply"

What is the default gateway?

The default gateway is your router's IP address. The default gateway information is not required, but is recommended.

What is the default user name and password to log into this device?

Login name is 「admin」 and password is 「admin」 by default.

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