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Wireless Solution for Education

Build up a wireless network within education environment ideal to offer essential online learning opportunities for students while increasing teachers' efficiency in teaching. The entire wireless infrastructure is designed to help developing students' technological skills and provide anytime, anywhere and 24/7 access to the Internet opportunities,allowing students to gain knowledge through valuable e-learning. Additionally, educational institutions are able to engage students in an interactive environment via EnGenius wireless MESH network and also reduce the cost of expanding the wired network.

We need to consider budget, complexity of the system and intended applications for any educational systems. After careful considerations wireless network in learning environments can then be setup. A solution that can achieve high speed outdoor building wireless link with limited budget.

Highspeed Gateway Access point that can reach up to 1300Mbps+450Mbps(ENH1750EXTAU) and 300Mbps for Client AP(ENS500) wired to indoor or to outdoor Access Points.

This solution can also achieve EnGenius wireless MESH for educational system with more:

  • Robust outdoor wireless MESH network solution
  • Fast roaming and reliable connection, giving good quality virtual environment, provide End-to-End connection for data sharing between students and teachers anywhere on campus
  • EnGenius Zone Controller help administrators to remotely configure or manage the Access Point with ease.

EnGenius' M-Series is designed to establish a wireless mesh network with no limitation on transmission and network communication. M-Series provides wireless connection over self-adaptation, giving better performance, recommended 1 Gateway with 4 Relay in linear and radioactive deployment scenario.

Help administrators to remotely configure or manage EnGenius built‐in with standards and enhanced security features to protect the Backhaul mesh connection as well as the Client end-user access. The MAC address filter lets you select exactly which stations should have access to your network.

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