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Industrial Wireless

Industrial Wireless

Wireless Solution for Industrial Wireless 
Dusty & High Humidity Environment? No Worry! EnGenius Outdoor Wireless APs will be Your Choice

Very high humidity, high temperatures and heavy-dusty environment. Looking for the solution to take the advantage in highly real-time data communication or control and monitoring. These types of situations occur in many industry, such as Coal, Gas and Dust hazardous industries, and those are all over Australia. In additions, these types of solution always build-up systems in remote locations or moving platforms and are typically networked back the data to central computer.
compare between wire and wireless network installation, wireless more flexibly and cost savings and offer better you need rather than the wired.

However, it is not that easy to create the solution for this wireless network since it is a challenge to find a good housing protection with long range high powered and stronger wireless signal devices. But today, EnGenius Outdoor APs are your best choice for industrial wireless solutions.

  1. IP68 housing protection
  2. High output power with PoE
  3. Dual Radio 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz bands are available for independent application

With certified IP68 protection housing, and lightning protector. It is ideal to deliver high reliability under harsh outdoor environment.Reduce the limitation on installing and setup in
hazardous areas.

EnGenius Outdoor Wireless APs with high powered feature give excellent coverage, reduce dead spots and extend wireless range. These features are designed to provide you with strong wireless connection for optimum network performance. Additionally, it comes with PoE that can give you flexible APs locations and cost-savings.

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